3 Ways to Hide a Wall Mounted TV

by | Mar 22, 2018

Hide a Wall Mounted TV

We have all seen flat screen TV’s mounted on walls. It’s a great way to maximize space in a room and free up space on furniture. Aesthetically, however, having a great big flat screen dominating a wall in your house isn’t the most pleasing proposition. If this is one of your concerns, it can be easy to make that wall mounted flat screen much less intrusive or even disappear completely. Here we'll discuss 3 simple ways to hide a wall mounted TV.

Now You See It….

We have a customer of ours that took an innovative approach to hiding the wall mounted TV in their living room. He wanted the TV for keeping an eye on the game while cooking in the adjacent kitchen. She wanted the TV for watching her Netflix shows, running slide shows of their vacation pictures during parties or while otherwise entertaining. As this was not the primary viewing area, the TV would be not be used every day. Finally, the wife did not want to see the TV when it wasn’t being used.

Hide a Wall Mounted TV a With Tapestry (covered)

Their solution was to simply attach small, extended, decorative, curtain rod hangars to the wall just above the TV. The wife then went shopping for a tapestry that was a little larger than the screen of the TV. They mounted the tapestry to the curtain rod so that it hung in front of the TV when it was not in use. To use the TV, they simply roll the tapestry up on the curtain rod and put it back on the brackets, out of the way, above the TV. This idea is easy, inexpensive, and effective — brilliant!

Hide a Wall Mounted TV a With Tapestry (uncovered)

We aren’t done with this story though. The husband took this concept to the next level by employing his woodworking skills. He fashioned two sides of a decorative frame which he attached to the wall on either side of the TV. The depth of the two sides are about a quarter inch more than the TV extends from the wall, and they are a little longer than the height of the TV. The frame sides were made of the same oak as the trim in the room and were finished to match. He inserted two small magnets into the lower edges of the frame. He then used hot glue to attach matching magnets onto the back of the tapestry near the bottom corners. When the tapestry is rolled out over the TV, the frame hides both sides of the TV and the magnets hold the bottom edge of the tapestry securely to the frame. Now the TV Completely disappears when it is not in use.

Unless guests are let in on the secret, they would never suspect there was a TV mounted on the wall in the front room of this house. The versatility of this idea would also allow for a sound bar to be mounted below the TV. The only adjustments needed would be longer frame sides and a slightly larger tapestry to cover the sound bar as well as the TV.

Turn It Over

Our next method of hiding a wall mounted TV is a little more expensive than the previous example, but also more versatile. Hidden Vision makes three different wall mounts that let you to mount a flat screen TV on one side and a painting or picture on the other. The three models offered by Hidden Vision are flip out, extended flip out and flip around. You supply both the TV and the artwork so it is important that you order the correct size mount for the TV and find artwork that is similarly sized.

The third model option is a mount that normally displays artwork but can be pulled out and flipped around to display a TV.

The first two models let you mount the TV over a couch or bed positioned on the same wall as the mount. When the mount is snug against the wall the artwork is displayed. When the bottom of the mount is pulled out, the TV becomes visible from below. As the mount extends, the TV is angled down towards where you are sitting or laying down so you can see it. Cables and power cords are run along the extension arms back to the wall. One note, an IR blaster or RF remote would be needed to control cable boxes, Blu-Ray players etc. that are located beyond line-of-sight.

The third model option is a mount that normally displays artwork but can be pulled out and flipped around to display a TV. This allows the artwork to be the center of attention on the wall until it’s time to watch TV. This mount also lets the whole room be the viewing area instead of just a couch or bed. It’s a great solution for a living room or other multi-use area that isn’t a primary TV viewing spot.

If pulling the TV out manually is too much effort for your inner couch potato, the flip-around Hidden Vision mount also has a motorized option.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Maybe the neatest solution to hiding a TV in plain sight is a TV mounted behind a two way mirror. When the TV is powered off, all you see is a large, framed mirror. When the TV is turned on, the mirror becomes the TV screen. Séura is one place to find this magic TV hiding solution. They offer display sizes from 42” up to 65” and choices of more than a hundred frame designs. If those aren’t enough choices, they also do custom work. You provide the dimensions of the mirror wanted and the size of the TV to go behind it, and they will build to suit.

The first time I saw one of these mirror TV’s at a trade show, it stopped me in my tracks. To say I was smitten would be an understatement.

The video below shows the magic in action. However, to truly appreciate this wondrous solution, you need to see one in person. The first time I saw one of these mirror TV’s at a trade show, it stopped me in my tracks. To say I was smitten would be an understatement. What looked like a nice quality mirror suddenly transformed into a TV. It was, quite simply, sensational! There is nothing to flip out, and nothing to roll up. Just point a remote at the mirror, click and a TV is there instead of a mirror.

Now that I’ve gotten you all excited about this method of hiding a TV, be warned that this magic has a price, and it ain’t cheap. This solution is, by far, the most expensive of the methods presented. A 42” screen TV with mirror and frame runs several thousand dollars. As the screen size increases, so does the price. However, if the money isn’t an obstacle, this is a stunning way to go.


There are a lot of people that consider a big flat screen up on the wall an eyesore. By using a little creativity or by knowing what mount to use, the eyesore quickly becomes the focal point of a room. We hope that one of the solutions offered above is the one you need in order to complete the decoration of your home.

Hidden Vision Television Mounts:

Séura Television Mirrors:


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