A Dedicated Home Theater Room?

by | Apr 30, 2014

Next Step Audio Enhancement is here to help budget-conscience families who own or want a home theater system in a family room. While it might be fun to have a dedicated home theater room with gear worth tens of thousands of dollars, most families don't have the ability or the desire to pull that off. If my family built a dedicated home theater, our kids would definitely use the room frequently, I would sometimes use the room and my wife would hardly ever use the room.

We're a social bunch that have people over frequently, kibitz with whoever is doing the cooking and generally have a good time being with others. An example of this happened at my family's 2013 Christmas party. Folks pulled up YouTube on our theater system. Soon enough it became both silly and fun when kids, tweens, teens and twenty-somethings started up the music video for “What Does The Fox Say.” They all started dancing around while singing the song. I and the others who had never seen the video before just sat there laughing. Here's the video in case you need a bit of silly right now:

While we have a lot of fun when others come over, I occasionally want my quiet time in the dark watching a good movie. I can achieve this in our family room provided others are accommodating or absent. In almost any given month (November and December are notorious for stealing away quiet time), I generally get a nice balance of interacting with people and having my quiet time.

Where do you stand on whether to dedicate a room to home theater? High-Def Digest has an interesting poll running to see what their readers currently have. I urge you to participate: Poll: Do You Have a Dedicated Home Theater Room?


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