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Improving home entertainment and home automation systems one step at a time.

We are home theater professionals that believe everyone deserves an incredible entertainment experience in their home. We believe that obtaining this theatrical excellence is far less complex than popularly perceived. Further, we believe that the process can be done on a reasonable budget.

We realize that lots of people want the latest technology, but they don’t know how to make it work with their existing electronics. That’s where we come in. We frequently work to integrate a new TV, sound system or other components with existing equipment that the homeowner owns. In addition to making it all work, we are careful to explain everything so that our customers understand how to use their new electronics. In other words, we try to avoid geek-speak, and use regular English.
In addition to taking the mystery out of home entertainment, we also try to make it easier to use. Universal remote controls that eliminate the pile of remotes on the coffee table are one of our best sellers. Instead of using three remotes to watch TV, a universal remote uses a single button press on a single remote. Easy! This is another way that Next Step can help improve your home entertainment system and make it more enjoyable!
This website is another resource we offer our customers. As we encounter situations in the field, we add articles describing what we found and how you can fix the same issues. Browse our Articles page to see if situations we have found apply to components you have in your home.

We are here to help you take the Next Step towards realizing the home theater of your dreams.

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Based in Castro Valley, California, Next Step Audio Enhancement serves the greater San Francisco East Bay area.


For any questions,

please write us at requests@nextstepae.com

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For any questions,

please write us at


or call us at

(510) 473-2887

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