Better Router Solves Music Streaming Problems

by | Apr 11, 2018

Better Router Solves Music Streaming ProblemsA new customer’s MusicCast speakers kept dropping Pandora – A better router fixed this annoying issue.

She loved the Yamaha MusicCast speakers in her home – when they worked. After one frustrating day of the speakers dropping Pandora about six times, she had as much as she could take. She looked us up and gave us a call with the mandate to either get the speakers working properly or throw them out and start anew. If something is capable of working, trashing should never be an option. That’s they way we prefer to think, so we were on a mission to find a solution that didn’t contribute to our throwaway society.

Music Streaming Speakers

First a little background. MusicCast is Yamaha’s entry into the multi-room, Wi-Fi streaming speaker world. It works similarly to Denon’s Heos and to Sonos. All three systems are capable of wirelessly playing music from multiple speakers in multiple rooms of your home. Yamaha and Denon have AV receivers that stream internet-based music.

Yamaha Music Cast LogoBasically, the speaker (or the AV receiver) connects to the internet via Wi-Fi to stream music provided by Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, and other services. Speakers can be linked so that they play the same content at the same time, or each speaker can play music independently of the other speakers in the network. They synchronize by having one speaker (or the AV receiver) designated as the host and other speakers linked as secondary speakers. Whichever speaker is designated as a host streams the content and then pushes the music to the other speakers that are linked using the home’s Wi-Fi network.

The speakers were working just fine. There was no issue with them.

A Better Router to the Rescue

Understanding how these systems work was the key to solving our new customer’s problem. Rather than focus on the speakers themselves, we focused on the Wi-Fi network that was in place in the home. Like so many other people, she was content with using the modem/router that was provided by her cable company. While these routers are serviceable, they aren’t particularly good at providing fast Wi-Fi over decent distances. When you add in several walls worth of interference, the speakers at the back of the house simply weren’t getting a sufficiently strong signal to work correctly.

The speakers were working just fine. There was no issue with them. They simply weren’t getting a strong enough Wi-Fi signal. When we added a better router that has exceptionally strong Wi-Fi, the problem with the speakers magically vanished!

The Better Router We Chose

We installed a Luxul XWR-3150 router. This is a commercial grade router that will handle any bandwidth or speed that your residential cable provider can throw at it. In addition to handling the bandwidth, it also pushes a signal that you can use reliably three houses down the street! In situations where there is strong interference, or long distances, Luxul also offers Wi-Fi access points that work in conjunction with the router to extend the range of your network even further.

Luxul LogoDo you need a Luxul router to solve your issues with Wi-Fi speakers? It’s nice and if you can afford it, it’s the choice to make. Alternatively, a middle of the line or higher model NETGEAR or Linksys Wi-Fi router might also do the trick. The key is to choose a router that provides high speed and enough range to handle your situation. Multi band routers are a great starting point. If the router you are considering includes at least three antenna’s, you’re probably looking in the right price range! Don’t go cheap here, we already know how that story ends. Spending a little more will save you a ton of frustration.


Since adding a high quality router to our new client’s home, there have been zero problems with the MusicCast speakers. Not only do they work flawlessly, but the speed at which they connect and change channels has also dramatically improved. She’s back in love with her music streaming speakers.

Images by Yamaha and Luxul


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  1. Mihai

    I am also having problems with them. One device was OK and works perfectly, but with four 4 !!!! of Yamaha MusicCast it’s like crazy slow and sometimes not even responsive.
    I’ll try a new router, let’s see.

    • Brian HIll

      In addition to a new router, you may also want to look into upgrading your ISP service. More bandwidth may also help. Brian


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