Snacky Bits Mini Pizzas

I wanted pizza. We had all the fixings: tomato sauce, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese. We also had everything for making dough, but I didn’t want to make it and wait for it to rise. I wanted instant gratification! I looked in the pantry and found English...

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Robert Schwentke directs the 2015 sequel to the first movie in the Divergent series for Lionsgate. Like the first movie, “Insurgent” follows along the same path the books take – for most of the film. More on that later (Spoiler alert – This would be a good place to...

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What is IoT?

It seems like everywhere you go someone is having a conversation about IoT. You have likely heard the buzzword at your office, a party or overheard the term at Starbucks. But what the heck is IoT? IoT stands for “Internet of Things.” More specifically, IoT is the...

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Snacky Bits Easy Bruschetta

I love easy snacks.  When my sister-in-law introduced me to this recipe for Easy Bruschetta, I fell in love.  It’s so simple and delicious, I’m sure that you will want to make it too! You might find this snack works well with a nice, hearty red wine and a...

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Kingsman: The Secret Service

Every once in a while a movie comes along that is a notch above the normal Hollywood fare. These films almost always become blockbuster hits. "Kingsman: The Secret Service" fits this description to a tee. In this 20th Century Fox film, director Matthew Vaughn (“X-Men:...

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Seventh Son

When I saw the trailers for Seventh Son – directed by Sergey (Sergei) Bodrov, distributed by Universal Pictures - I hoped the film might be able to fill some of the fantasy void left after the Hobbit movies ended. It had dragons, sexy she-devils and all manner of...

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