Improving home entertainment and home automation systems one step at a time.

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Next Step Audio Enhancement continues to prove that wonderful home theater and home automation can be acquired on a budget, one step at a time. It is our goal to continue to bring that message to the people of the San Francisco Bay Area. It is our mission to exceed expectations.

You can help us spread that message.

What We Do

Next Step Audio Enhancement provides a wide array of services and products to our community:

  • We're home theater and home automation integrators and installers
  • We build and install home theater computers (HTPCs)
  • We configure and develop software for home theater, home automation, network, computer and cloud systems
  • We write articles for the public in a desire to inform and entertain

Since the 1950's, the home has improved but is still, essentially, the same. Today is the eve of a sea change in our homes and lifestyles. Next Step Audio Enhancement is at the forefront of that charge into the future. Starting now and extending into the foreseeable future, our homes will better cater to our needs, be more efficient and more entertaining.

The Next Step Environment

Information Sharing

Next Step goes above and beyond in sharing information. We start by listening to our customers. We then make recommendations listing alternatives and options. We leave it to our customers to decide what is best. During and at the end of the service, we brief our customers on the information they need to operate their new system. Beyond that base, we'll take information sharing to the deepest level the customer wants – We believe that hiding information does a disservice to our team, our customers and our society as a whole.

We're open with each other. It's a team member's duty to share information, good and bad, with the other team members. How are we doing? Every team member needs to know that. What are the pain points? Again, every team member needs to know and needs to be included in the thought processes that will lead to better products, services and work environment.

The Pace

Next Step believes in work-life balance. We exist to help our customers become happier with their home environment. After we perform our services, our customers have smarter and more entertaining homes – A haven they can come to after their hectic day. We also want that for our team. After our fairly fast-paced day is done we all go home to relax and have fun. We also have fun at work and if a day goes by without laughter we're doing something wrong.

While our industry is very fast-paced and you will often feel like your taking your sips of learning from a full-force fire hose, we don't believe in a fire drill work environment. We plan ahead and think things through before we jump into the fray. We believe that meeting or beating deadlines is of paramount importance and are able to attain that level of service by always thinking things through.

Honesty and Integrity

All levels of the Next Step team are required to be honest, respectful and ethical. We are respectful of our customers, our partners, our vendors, each other and even our competitors. We believe that every situation can be win-win-win-win – Our vendors win business, we win business, our customers win a better home and our competitors win by watching and perhaps learning new ideas.

The Team

Our team is made up of smart, talented, motivated individuals that believe enjoying your work is the right way to work. We work hard and spend countless hours learning new things. Each member of our team likes what they do. We operate a fun environment and have no intention of changing that culture.

Join Us

From time to time, Next Step seeks to add to its team. If you're smart, educated, motivated, love learning new things each day and have a high-level of interest in home and entertainment technology, we just might be right for each other.

Next Step Audio Enhancement is an equal opportunity employer that considers qualified applications without discrimination.

If you're interested in a possible position with Next Step Audio Enhancement, attach a cover letter and resume to an email and send it to:

Next Step Audio Enhancement does not accept unsolicited resumes from agencies. Next Step Audio Enhancement is not responsible for and will not pay unauthorized agency fees.

For any questions,

please write us at

or call us at (510) 473-2887



Contact Us

For any questions,

please write us at

or call us at

(510) 473-2887

Contact Us

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