Fixing a Sony TV dimming problem

by | Jan 16, 2019

Sony XBR-75X900F

Our company recently installed a new Sony Smart TV (model # XBR-75X900F) for one of our clients. While going through the settings to get everything just right for our client, I noticed a Light Sensor setting. I’ve seen this before! This is just like the Eco setting found on other TV’s! (Check out our “Fixing a Samsung TV Dimming Problem” article) I changed the setting to avoid a call back from the client.

Here’s how you can change your Sony TV settings to stop the TV from auto-dimming itself.

Energy Star settings

The Sony Light Sensor default setting is On from the factory. When it’s On, this setting changes the brightness of the picture depending on ambient light levels in the room -- When the light in the room changes, like at sunset, the brightness level of the TV also noticeably changes. This is a setting that is used to help the TV obtain the Energy Star rating that consumers like to see on any electronic product. The issue is that this auto-dimming feature is usually annoying to the average viewer.

The Solution

To change the Light Sensor settings, follow these steps.

  1. Press the ACTION MENU button on the remote control

    Fixing a Sony TV Dimming Problem - Remote Action Menu

  3. Scroll down and select Picture adjustments

    Fixing a Sony TV Dimming Problem - Main Menu

  5. In the Picture adjustments section, scroll down to Light Sensor

    Fixing a Sony TV Dimming Problem - Picture Adjustments

  7. Select this setting to toggle it from On to Off
  8. Press the Back button on the remote to Exit out of the settings screens

    Fixing a Sony TV Dimming Problem - Remote Back Button

This should stop the annoying auto dimming that you have been experiencing. Easy, right?


The government is mandating lower energy consumption for all electronic devices. Not only is the government demanding changes, consumers are looking for and basing buying decisions on the Energy Star sticker. To satisfy both the government and consumers, manufacturers are devising creative ways of lowering energy use. While the energy consumption goals have resulted in more efficient designs and lower energy use overall, some of the more creative solutions built in to modern TV’s can negatively affect the viewing experience. Lucky for us, there are ways to change the more invasive features.

This was a good catch on this install. Hopefully, our experience will mean an easier time for you. Happy Viewing!

Images by Brian Hill and Sony


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  1. Craig Holmes

    My Sony TV has this menu, but when clicking any of the options it says ‘feature unavailable in this picture mode”. The picture mode option itself is also locked, and brightness is stuck on ‘max’. Any ideas would be gratefully received.

    • Brian HIll

      I am guessing the TV was put in ‘demo’ mode when it was set up. If this is the case, I think going back through the initial set up again and selecting the other mode should solve the locked menus for you.


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