Fixing A TV Resolution Problem

by | May 26, 2015

Samsung TV Resolution

I recently ran across a situation where a homeowner had re-purposed an old PC for a media computer connected to their home theater in the living room. A HTPC (Home Theater PC) is a great addition to any system. The ability to store and playback movies that are owned without the hassle of inserting discs and Internet connectivity on the big screen are just two of the benefits. The problem this homeowner had was when the computer was used, the screen dimensions were bigger than the edges of the TV screen. There was just enough of the Windows icon visible so that they could use the computer, but it wasn’t right.

The homeowner was understandably frustrated. The Cable box and DVD player fit the screen perfectly, leading the homeowner to believe the problem was with the PC. Every setting the computer graphics card offered was explored and changed. Nothing the homeowner did solved the problem. The answer wasn’t hiding in the PC. The answer was in the TV’s settings and fixing a TV resolution problem is easy.

The TV in question was a Samsung UN46ES6003FXZA and was receiving its signal from a Yamaha RX-V373 AV Receiver, the computer was a desktop box that the homeowner had built themselves.

What this does is tells the TV to use the aspect ratio and size that works best for whichever input is sending a signal to it.

The Solution

The homeowner had set the TV to only display in 16:9 format. This setting was perfect for the content from Direct TV and from the DVD player, but did not work well for the signal coming from the PC. The solution is outlined below. The pictures are from my own TV.

1. On the Samsung TV remote push the Menu button, and select "Picture" on the main menu

Fix TV Resolution (picture)

Select "Picture"

2. Scroll to, and select "Picture Options"

Fix TV Resolution (options)

Select "Picture Options"

3. Select "Size"

Fix TV Resolution (size)

Select "Size"

4. Finally, change the setting to "Screen Fit"

Fix TV Resolution (fit)

Change Setting To "Screen Fit"

What this does is tells the TV to use the aspect ratio and size that works best for whichever input is sending a signal to it. The computer screen will now match the edges of the TV screen and the rest of the components will not be affected in any way.


This simple solution was just what the homeowner needed. They now use their HTPC much more. The screen size issue was really bugging him. Now that it is solved, he can focus on what is in the center of the screen instead of the edges.


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