Friday’s Favorite Flix – A Walk In the Clouds

by | Mar 6, 2015

Friday's Favorite Flix - A Walk in the Clouds

This week's Friday's Favorite Flix is Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation's PG-13 “A Walk in the Clouds.” Directed by Alfonso Arau, “A Walk in the Clouds” is a post World War II period, visually beautiful, musically rich, gently romantic film containing no nudity, little violence and no foul language.

Paul Sutton (played by Keanu Reeves) is a soldier who comes home to San Francisco after the war to a woman he doesn't love deeply any more and a job he no longer wants. Leaving both (but with his sample case of chocolates) he takes a train and then a bus on his way to Sacramento. On the train he first runs into Victoria Aragon (played by Aitana Sanchez-Gijon) where she proceeds to get sick on him. After the train, they come across each other again on the bus where Paul must defend Victoria's honor against two pushy men. After the scuffle, the bus driver throws the three men off the bus. Paul continues walking in the direction of his destination while Victoria continues on the bus. A short while later Paul again comes across Victoria who is sitting, crying, in a small road. Here, they finally meet and exchange names.

Friday’s Favorite Flix are descriptions of those movies we love – We either own them or when channel surfing, we’ll stop when we find them and settle down to watch.

If you have a movie that you think should be in Friday’s Favorite Flix, let us know. We like discovering new favorites.

Victoria goes on to explain that she's crying because of the reaction she fears will come from her traditionally minded father when he learns that she's pregnant and not married. Paul suggests that he could accompany her and pretend to be her husband. Victoria agrees and they're off to the family vineyard and winery where we're introduced to her father (played by Giancarlo Gianni), her Grandfather (played by Anthony Quinn), her mother (played by Angelica Aragon) and the rest of the family.

“A Walk in the Clouds” is not going to tax your thinking. It's just a nice and beautiful ride that is best viewed with another. The two of you should share some wine and hearty snacks while you take an hour and forty minutes out of your hectic lives to sit back and relax.

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