Friday’s Favorite Flix – Logan’s Run

by | Jul 10, 2015

Logan's Run

This week's Friday's Favorite Flix, “Logan's Run,” is an award-winning (Oscar for Special Achievement in Special Effects) 1976 film from Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM), producer Saul David and director Michael Anderson. It was the first film to make use of Laser Holography and the first film to use Dolby Stereo on 70mm film stock. The David Zelag Goodman screenplay was an adaptation from the original 1967 novel written by William F. Nolan (Bram Stoker Award winner for Lifetime Achievement) and George Clayton Johnson.


Taking place in the 23rd century, “Logan's Run,” presents a picture of a society run by computer. The humans that inhabit the domed society have jobs that benefit the society and are free to explore a hedonistic lifestyle when not working. To maintain balance between resources and population, the computer kills off anyone that reaches the age of 30. To track the life spans of the humans, they are implanted with a crystal in the palms of their hands. The crystal changes color depending on their age, with Red being oldest, and blinking red meaning they've reached “Last Day.”

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On Last Day, those who have reached 30 years of age participate in Carousel – a ceremony that promises either death or Renewal. The decision making process isn't made clear except that the computer decides who's to live and who's to die. While Renewal is a promised possible outcome, no one really knows what eventually happens to the participants. Because of this lack of knowledge and knowing that there is a possibility that the computer has chosen death for you, some people choose to avoid Carousel. These people are called, Runners. To find and kill Runners, the computer has set up a police-type organization of, “Sand Men.” Some Runners have no idea on where to go and some are in an underground society that promises a route to Sanctuary. One Sand Man, Logan 5 (Michael York) is chosen by the computer to infiltrate the underground, find Sanctuary and kill those runners that have made it there.

Logan's Run - Carousel

Logan 5 is joined by Jessica 6 (Jenny Agutter) on his quest to find Sanctuary and the missing Runners. To make his cover story legitimate, the computer has turned Logan's crystal into a Last Day indicator, thereby turning him into a Runner. Because he's a runner, one of Logan's Sand Man friends, Francis 7 (Richard Jordan), takes up the chase in an attempt to do his required job. The chase take them out into the real world where the only human they run into is Old Man (Peter Ustinov – Oscars for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for “Topkapi” and “Spartacus”). And here is where I leave you except to say there are chases, fights and an eventual satisfying resolution.


To be quick to the point, the film while being dark in it's nature, is a fun ride. That might sound a bit strange from someone who's closer in age to Old Man than to someone who can legally live within the domes, but there it is. The film features beautiful cinematography by Ernest Laszlo (Oscar for Best Cinematography for “Ship of Fools”), Convincing scenery by art director and production designer, Dale Hennesy (Oscar for Best Art Direction-Set Decoration for “Fantastic Voyage”), snappy editing by Bob Wyman and a complimenting score by Jerry Goldsmith (Oscar for Best Music, Original Score for “The Omen”). If it's not in the Science Fiction section of your video library, do yourself a favor and add it.

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