Friday’s Favorite Flix – Mary Poppins

by | May 22, 2015

Mary Poppins

This week's Friday's Favorite Flix is Walt Disney Productions' 1964 Academy Award winning film (Best Actress, Best Editing, Best Special Effects, Best Original Song, Best Original Score), “Mary Poppins.” Directed by Robert Stevenson, the film is about a staid English family whose life is turned upside down by a magical nanny.

The Stars

Academy Award winner (for Best Actress), Julie Andrews plays Mary Poppins, a strict, but fun-loving nanny with magical powers. Dick Van Dyke plays Bert, a Chimney Sweep and Street Artist / Street Musician who's a friend of Mary Poppins. David Tomlinson plays Mr. Banks, an upper-crust, very formal banker. Glynis Johns plays Mrs. Banks, a wife, mother and suffragette. The excellent cast is rounded out with the likes of Elsa Lanchester, Arthur Treacher, Reginald Owen, Ed Wynn and Jane Darwell.

Called upon to act, sing and dance, all of the actors give top-of-their-game performances – Especially Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke. Not only are the performances wonderful, they're just plain fun to watch.

Friday’s Favorite Flix are descriptions of those movies we love – We either own them or when channel surfing, we’ll stop when we find them and settle down to watch.

If you have a movie that you think should be in Friday’s Favorite Flix, let us know. We like discovering new favorites.

The Plot

A very formal household is in desperate need of help to bring them together into a loving, tight-knit family. When their nanny quits, in flies (literally) Mary Poppins. She proceeds to take the kids, Jane and Michael Banks, on a series of amazing adventures. From cleaning their room with a whistle to horse racing on carousel horses, to a tea party with dancing penguins, to turning cough syrup into different colors, to a tea party on the ceiling, to dancing on the roof tops of London with chimney sweeps, the kids are never but a few moments away from a magical adventure. Throughout the frivolity and whirlwind activity, Mary Poppins is the stable anchor that refuses to admit that anything unusual is happening – It's all normal for Mary.

More important than just being a nanny to the kids, Mary Poppins is there to heal the family, especially the father and to bring them all together. Mr. Banks is a very formal, strictly-by-the-book, everything in it's place, ultimately tired with his life banker. Mrs. Banks is a wife and mother who pretty much lives in her world passing on the care of her children to nannies and the domestics. In the course of the story, Mary shows each member of the family how important “family” is.


“Marry Poppins” is a fun and funny movie for the whole family. There is action, slapstick, poignant moments and music and songs you'll remember forever. Amongst all the Disney classic movies, this one is at the top of the list for this reviewer.

If you watch it with your little kids, you can expect them to sing and dance with joy when the show is over. It's one my family returns to more than once a year. It'll leave you feeling good. It is, in fact, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

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