“Godzilla” – A new treatment for old school

by | Jun 8, 2014


I was talking to a friend before going to see the new Godzilla movie. My friend said that they had been a fan of Godzilla since seeing the original movies replayed on TV back in the 70’s. The appeal of the old Godzilla movies came from the cheesy dialog, horrible acting, mismatched sound tracks and the overall ‘B’ movie quality of the films. Both my friend and I hoped that the vibe of the old Godzilla films could be captured in the latest attempt at a remake. The discussion then, naturally, moved on to the old “Creature Features” hosted by Bob Wilkins on KTVU in the San Francisco Bay Area and the great memories we had from that time.

I went to the movies with high expectations. "Godzilla" delivered!

With the earlier conversation still fresh in my head, I went to the movies with high expectations. "Godzilla" delivered! I saw a visually stunning demonstration of special effects where every dollar spent produced brilliant eye candy. The sound track was right in line with the blockbuster treatment the visual effects demanded. Serious bass rumbling highlighted the on screen destruction, with surround sound bringing the movie to life. The scream of Godzilla is still one of my favorite monster sounds of all time.

With mega dollars spent on the special effects, it was somewhat predictable that the plot was nearly non-existent and the dialog was as cheesy as could be. My wife and I laughed out loud numerous times throughout the film, and not only at intentional jokes. The dialog and acting was so delightfully melodramatic that it had to be on purpose. I repeatedly found myself mentally going back to my earlier conversation and watching the movie from that perspective. Doing so pushed to film over the top for me.

The bottom line is that "Godzilla" retains every bit of the flavor of the original movies with a high dollar, special effect makeover. The overall result is a fabulous trip that Bob Wilkins would have loved.

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