Insteon Universal App Included On Toshiba Laptops

by | Aug 19, 2015 | Releases, Steve Cooper


On Monday, August 10, 2015, Insteon® announced that the Insteon universal app will be included on new Toshiba laptops. The Insteon universal app will be the first built-in IoT (Internet of Things) application shipping to customers, giving those with the Insteon Hub control of their connected home from their Toshiba laptop.

After logging into their account, Insteon users can connect to their Insteon Hub and manage their Insteon devices, including automated lighting, thermostats, motion, leak and smoke sensors, and more. On a Toshiba laptop, the Insteon universal app will work for those building out their automated dream home and those who are just starting with home connectivity. The app makes it easy to tap into the Insteon ecosystem. With a uniform interface, the Insteon universal app allows users to control their Insteon devices from any Windows 10 device including computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, wearables and more.


The Insteon universal app will be included on a majority of the new Toshiba laptops that will begin shipping at the end of August, 2015.


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