Kodi 15.0 – Isengard

by | Jul 22, 2015

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On Tuesday, July 21, 2015, the XBMC Foundation released the latest version of their amazing media center software, Kodi 15.0 – Isengard. This release also includes the official Kodi Android version that's now available in the Google Play Store. The Android version was actually released over a month ago and has generated hundreds of thousands of active installs.

Features included in the Android version include the ability to play 4K video, the ability to switch refresh rates and HEVC playback – All available for devices that have the hardware support built-in. Additionally, Android now handles volume control rather than Kodi and the there is no no need for root/SU access.

Kodi 15.0 – Isengard

Kodi 15.0 – Isengard Features

  • A chapter select window allowing you to browse and select movie and TV show chapters when the file that's being played is an MKV or other format that supports chapters
  • Adaptive seeking (Skip Steps) – The amount of seek motion is dependent on how many times you press a button. For example, press the right-arrow once, you get a 10-second jump; press it twice and you get a 30-second jump; three times yields a 1-minute jump; and so on
  • The Add-On Manager has been improved to make browsing and installing add-ons easier
  • Audio and Subtitle lists that allow you to select the audio and subtitle track for those files that contain multiple tracks
  • Improved Closed Captioning support in Live TV
  • Language translations have been moved out of the release so those add-ons can be updated as needed between Kodi updates
  • Improved music video queuing
  • An update to ffmpeg to 2.6.3 (ffmpeg is the codec used by Kodi to render content)
  • A host of other upgrades and improvements that can be read about here

Kodi is a free media center software application. You can download it from the Kodi Downloads page.

Chapter Select Window in Kodi 15.0 – Isengard

Adaptive Seeking in Kodi 15.0 – Isengard

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