Kodi Playlist Download Back to the Future

by | Apr 30, 2018

Back to the Future

This week's Kodi Playlist Download is the soundtrack for the movie, “Back to the Future.”

“Back to the Future” is a 1985 Universal Pictures film directed by Robert Zemeckis, written by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale, and starring Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and Lea Thompson. Giving as little away as possible, this is a fun movie where we get to ride in a time-traveling DeLorean. First, we go back in time to 1955, then we go, “Back to the Future,” which is today.

Purchasing the Music

I don’t know why, but for a lot of movies, the soundtrack albums you can buy either contain some of the music, or add some music you won’t hear in the film. The “Back to the Future” soundtrack is no exception – The official soundtrack album lacks five of the tracks you’ll hear in the movie. Additionally, there’s also a soundtrack album that only contains the music written by Alan Silvestri specifically for the film.

This playlist contains the songs you’ll hear in the film and not the Alan Silvestri film score. These are the songs on the official soundtrack album plus the five songs not on the album. Even if your music library is fairly complete, I’m guessing you don’t have all of these tracks. To fix that, my best suggestion is to purchase the “Back to the Future (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)” album, then add the four songs you can purchase from the links I’ve provided. I couldn’t find a source for the fifth song not on the album which is the guitar shredding track by Eddie Van Halen, “Out the Window.” So, know it’s there and you’re not alone in not having it in your library.

"Back to the Future" Soundtrack Listing

  • "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis and the News
  • "Time Bomb Town" by Lindsey Buckingham
  • "Back to the Future" by The Outatime Orchestra
  • "Heaven Is One Step Away" by Eric Clapton
  • "Back in Time" by Huey Lewis & the News
  • "Back to the Future Overture" by The Outatime Orchestra
  • "The Wallflower (Dance with Me Henry)" by Etta James
  • "Night Train" by Marvin Berry & the Starlighters
  • "Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)" by Marvin Berry & the Starlighters
  • "Johnny B. Goode" by Marty McFly With The Starlighters

"Back to the Future" Tracks Not on the Soundtrack Album

After downloading the playlist .ZIP file, you need to do two things:

  1. Unzip the playlist into your Kodi music playlist folder — You can find specific information on playlist folders in this article: Kodi Playlist Folders

  3. Start Kodi (if it isn't already running) and navigate to the Playlist section of your music library, select this new playlist and enjoy

Today's playlist is 1,397 bytes in size (unzipped) and contains the songs used in the movie, “Back to the Future” in ascending track order.

That's all there is to it. Follow the instructions listed above and quick as you can say, “Great Scott!” you'll have a new music playlist.

Note: If you just copy the .ZIP file into your playlist folder, Kodi will handle it just fine. It sees the zip file and adds it to your list of playlists. Clicking on the .ZIP file will open it up and present you with the contents. In the case of today's file: “Back to the Future,” click on that and it works like any other playlist.

Today's playlist is
“Back to the Future.”

Today's playlist is 1,397 bytes in size (unzipped) and contains the songs used in the movie, “Back to the Future” in ascending track order.


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