Kodi Playlist Download Easy Rider

by | Oct 16, 2017

Kodi Playlist Download Easy Rider

This week's Kodi Playlist Download is the soundtrack for the movie, “Easy Rider.”

“Easy Rider” was directed by Dennis Hopper, written by Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda, and Terry Southern and stars Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper. Put simply, it’s a film masterpiece that portrays the American counter culture of the late 1960’s. That might sound a bit highfalutin but also consider that it’s the story of 2 bikers riding across America after their last big drug deal. If that’s all you knew about the film, you’d probably move on to some other entertainment. Don’t let the high brow description of two low brows fool you. It’s worth the trip. I’m not going to tell you any more about the film. You need to experience the movie for yourself.

“Easy Rider” Music

The music is pure Sixties and contains some of my favorite songs. To be honest, it also contains a song or two that I don’t particularly like. I keep those songs in my playlist to be complete and it’s not like I feel someone is filing my teeth down when I hear them.

If your collection of Sixties music is fairly deep, you might have almost all of these tunes. If you have all of them, You probably had the soundtrack album at one time. A bit of a gotcha on this playlist – It isn’t a complete soundtrack list for these reasons: You can’t individually purchase all the songs in the soundtrack and the soundtrack list is different from the album list and both are different from the deluxe edition album list. Now, the deluxe edition album contains a lot of songs that weren’t in the film, but still, you’d think it would be as complete as the movie soundtrack list and that the movie soundtrack list would be dead-on accurate. Clear as mud? Yeah, I thought so. Still, it’s a fun ride. So check it out.

Here’s the List

Again, it isn’t complete partially because you can’t purchase all the music on the soundtrack individually. If you want to own the entire soundtrack here’s the album on Amazon: Easy Rider If you want to own the entire soundtrack and some additional songs from that era, here’s the deluxe edition of the album: Easy Rider Deluxe Edition

After downloading the .ZIP file, you need to do two things:

  1. Unzip the playlist into your Kodi music playlist folder — You can find specific information on playlist folders in this article: Kodi Playlist Folders

  3. Start Kodi (if it isn't already running) and navigate to the Playlist section of your music library, select this new playlist and enjoy

Today's playlist is 969 bytes in size (unzipped) and contains almost all of the titles used in the movie, “Easy Rider” in ascending track order.

That's all there is to it. Follow the instructions listed above and quick as you can say, “We're retirin' in Florida now, mister.”, you'll have a new music playlist.

Note: If you just copy the .ZIP file into your playlist folder, Kodi will handle it just fine. It sees the zip file and adds it to your list of playlists. Clicking on the .ZIP file will open it up and present you with the contents. In the case of today's file: “Easy Rider” Click on that and it works like any other playlist.

Today's playlist is
“Easy Rider.”

Today's playlist is 969 bytes in size (unzipped) and contains almost all of the titles used in the movie, “Easy Rider” in ascending track order.


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