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by | Jun 29, 2015

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This week's Kodi Playlist Download is “Roy Orbison.” To explain the title of this piece, “The Big O” was a nickname given to Orbison affectionately by an Australian DJ when he was touring that country in 1962. It was a nickname he had from that point forward.

One of Rock and Roll's most influential songwriters and recording artists, Orbison had a style and a singing voice all his own. In song composition, he could surprise you with the structures he built. As far as singing, he was totally unique – One of those artists you can name after just hearing a very small number of notes. Orbison's music has been covered by musicians from garage bands to top artists. The smart singers don't even try to hit all the notes that Orbison could hit. He had a three to four octave range from baritone to tenor. Just singing along to his songs and trying to hit those high notes is painful (at least to hear me try it).

Orbison mainly recorded as a solo artist. He did join others for shows, but with the exception of being a member of “Traveling Wilburys,” he didn't surf bands as you've witnessed other artists do. However, for the purpose of this playlist, you might note that I used “contained” rather than “is” in the rules. The reason is that you just might have a song where the artist is listed as Roy Orbison and k.d. lang or Roy Orbison and some other artist. I also didn't single out “Class of '55” as an album, because you might and probably should have “Roy Orbison” as one of the artists on the songs.

After downloading the .ZIP file, you need to do two things:

  1. Unzip the playlist into your Kodi music playlist folder — You can find specific information on playlist folders in this article: Kodi Playlist Folders
  2. Start Kodi (if it isn't already running) and navigate to the Playlist section of your music library, select this new playlist and enjoy

Today's playlist is 599 bytes in size and contains (almost) all of your Roy Orbison music in random order.

That's all there is to it. Follow the instructions listed above and quick as you can say, “Mercy,” you'll have a new music playlist.

Note: If you just copy the .ZIP file into your playlist folder, Kodi will handle it just fine. It sees the zip file and adds it to your list of playlists. Clicking on the .ZIP file will open it up and present you with the contents. In the case of today's file: “Roy Orbison.” Click on that and it works like any other playlist.

Today's playlist is “Roy Orbison.”

Today's playlist is 599 bytes in size and contains (almost) all of your Roy Orbison music in random order.

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