Kodi Playlist Download The Breakfast Club

by | Apr 9, 2018

Kodi Playlist Download The Breakfast Club

This week's Kodi Playlist Download is the soundtrack for the movie, “The Breakfast Club.”

“The Breakfast Club” is a Universal Pictures film written and directed by John Hughes. The film is an 80’s high school comedy that currently has a domestic ranking of 1,776 and has to date grossed $51,525,171 worldwide. It was written and filmed in a different cultural environment than we live in now. This is detailed in a piece written for “The New Yorker” by Molly Ringwald on April 6, 2018. It’s a very good read: What About “The Breakfast Club”? Ms. Ringwald was one of the stars of the film.

Even after acknowledging the cultural differences between the mid-80’s and today I find the movie fun to watch with a message still worth hearing. The music is as 80’s as it gets. For those of you who liked 80’s music, this will be a group of tunes that will bring you back to that time.

Here’s “The Breakfast Club” Soundtrack List

“The Breakfast Club" Music Only On the Soundtrack Album

The Breakfast Club soundtrack contains five songs you can only get on the Soundtrack Album: “Didn’t I Tell You” written by Joyce Kennedy and “I’m The Dude,” “Dream Montage,” “The Reggae,” and “Love Theme” written by Keith Forsey. This makes sense – Keith Forsey did the music for the film. These five songs leave you with four choices. All have drawbacks.

First, you can just load and play this soundtrack as is. Kodi will skip over songs it can’t find. On the other hand, of the five songs you can’t purchase individually, only “The Reggae” doesn’t have a title that’s used by other songs. I would have expected other songs with the same title, but I couldn’t find any. The other four songs in this list have the same title as quite a few other songs. In almost all cases of title-alike songs, those other songs will quickly take you out of your Breakfast Club reverie. If your music library is broad, you just might bump into this issue. This leads us to our second and third choices.

Your second option is to edit the playlist file and remove the offending titles. This is quick and clean, but if you’re one who thrives on being complete, doing this might leave you dissatisfied.

Your fourth option is the easiest to implement. Purchase “The Breakfast Club” soundtrack album.

Third, you can employ a Kodi playlist trick – Edit the playlist to include other playlists instead of songs for these five entries. For each offending song, your first step is to create a playlist that includes the song and the artist and mark the playlist as “Items must match all the rules.” Then, in this playlist, you change the song entry from song to playlist and point it to the playlist you created in the first step. This works very well and leaves you with a playlist that doesn’t pull in songs that shouldn’t be played. On the other hand the big downside is that you now have six new playlists in your listing – One for each playlist you created plus this soundtrack playlist. If you make a habit of doing this, your list of playlists could get huge and hard to navigate. For some, this doesn’t present a problem. For others, this makes finding and loading the playlist you want to hear too much of chore. Here’s a trick you might try: Name the single-song playlists “zzzz – name.” So, for example you might create this playlist: “zzzz – Love Theme by Keith Forsey” (without the quotes). If you adhere to this naming convention, all of your single-song playlists will get sorted down to the bottom of your list of playlists, leaving the real multi-track playlists at the top and making the list easier to navigate.

Your fourth option is the easiest to implement. Purchase “The Breakfast Club” soundtrack album. This is what I did years ago, before Kodi, playlists and such. Of course, if you opt for this scheme, there’s not much reason to have a Breakfast Club playlist. You can just play the album. I won’t fault you for finding this way the best. The only drawback to this option is that you might be purchasing a song you already own. Goodness knows I’ve done this over and over for various reasons, but mostly because it can be cheaper per song to buy an album. If you do this and you’re playing this playlist, you might hear duplicates. If you’re playing the album, this isn’t an issue.

After downloading “The Breakfast Club” playlist .ZIP file, you need to do two things:

  1. Unzip the playlist into your Kodi music playlist folder — You can find specific information on playlist folders in this article: Kodi Playlist Folders

  3. Start Kodi (if it isn't already running) and navigate to the Playlist section of your music library, select this new playlist and enjoy

Today's playlist is 1,085 bytes in size (unzipped) and contains the song titles used in the movie, “The Breakfast Club” in ascending track order.

That's all there is to it. Follow the instructions listed above and quick as you can say, “Screws fall out all the time, the world is an imperfect place,” you'll have a new music playlist.

Note: If you just copy the .ZIP file into your playlist folder, Kodi will handle it just fine. It sees the zip file and adds it to your list of playlists. Clicking on the .ZIP file will open it up and present you with the contents. In the case of today's file: “The Breakfast Club” Click on that and it works like any other playlist.

Today's playlist is
“The Breakfast Club.”

Today's playlist is 1,085 bytes in size (unzipped) and contains the song titles used in the movie, “The Breakfast Club” in ascending track order.


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