LG Curved Sound Bar Launching In U.S. In October

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On Wednesday, August 12, 2015, LG Electronics announced the premium LG Music Flow Wireless Curved Sound Bar (Model LAS855M). Designed with a graceful curve, the new sound bar is intended to pair aesthetically with curved-screen televisions.

The LG Curved Sound Bar offers a 360 watt, 4.1 channel speaker system and a wall-mountable slim-design cabinet. The sound bar contains four separate speakers and comes with a wireless subwoofer to add powerful bass. Included is a highly dynamic i-Sound mode which interprets the media content users are consuming and automatically adjusts the LAS855M's output settings to suit regular television, sports, movies and music.

With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the Curved Sound Bar can integrate into a Music Flow network of speakers.


The LG Curved Sound Bar enhances LG's Music Flow family of wireless speakers and sound bars with sub woofers enabling customers to customize a home audio network. Music Flow, launched earlier this year, was one of the first systems to feature Google Cast™, which allows users to send music via their home's Wi-Fi network from their Android™ phone or tablet, iOS phone or tablet, Mac, Windows PC or Chromebook to their LG Music Flow devices. This feature allows Music Flow devices to work with almost every streaming service app on the market including Google Play™ Music, Pandora, Songza, TuneIn, iHeartRadio and Rdio, among others.

With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the Curved Sound Bar can integrate into a Music Flow network of speakers with no bridge required to create TV surround sound using a feature called Home Cinema Mode. Multi-room Mode can be used to turn the entire home into one large-scale sound system. Users can control the music in each room with a single mobile device enabling them to select a single playlist for the entire house or choose songs on a room-by-room basis.

The LAS855M offers HDMI pass-through, to reproduce high-quality audio while sending HD video to the TV. The Curved Sound Bar is also compatible with existing TV remotes from eight different manufacturers, allowing consumers to control basic functions such as volume and power with the TV remote they already use.

Pricing and Availability

The LG Curved Sound Bar will be available at U.S. retailers in October and carries a suggested retail price of $699.


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