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I had been looking forward to seeing “Lucy” for some time. It features Scarlett Johansson (and what able bodied male wouldn’t want to watch her in a movie) and Morgan Freeman as co-star and has some cool special effects, with a twist of sci-fi thrown in for seasoning. It is about a woman that is infused with a new drug that allows her to use far more of her brain’s capacity than the rest of humanity can. All of this comes from the trailers that have been playing at the theater and on TV.

When seeing this movie, you need to bring your brain along, and be prepared to use it.

If you are expecting a typical summer film that is so much mental bubble gum, this movie will disappoint you. When seeing this movie, you need to bring your brain along, and be prepared to use it. I will be the first to admit that the science might not be completely accurate. But we are here to watch a movie, right? If you can suspend your disbelief enough to get into the movie and go along for the ride, it is well worth the price of admission. There is unconventional story telling, in the form of disjointed imagery, that you need to connect to the story line. There are also obscure references that you need to pay close attention to. Add in some graphic violence and there is so much more to this film than what you might expect.

You get to watch a character transform from a ditzy blonde into a one woman, extrasensory, force of nature. Along the way Lucy gets tangled up with a brutal international mob led by Mr. Jang (Min-Sik Choi) — a sadistic killer that is intent on killing her to protect its newly developed drug trade. Morgan Freeman plays renowned Professor Norman who studies mental capacity and brain function. For much of the film, he pretty much acts as the narrator explaining what is happening with Lucy. Interpol detective Pierre Del Rio (Amr Waked) helps Lucy stay a step ahead of the mob as she rushes to pass her profound, revelations to Professor Norman before the mob, or the drug, can kill her.

This film hinges on the question "what if?" I found myself asking that question repeatedly after leaving the theater. What if the theory posed was close to accurate? What if a human mind could advance that far? What if someone could actually transform in that manner? What if this is the distant future of the human race? So many questions for my under utilized brain to answer! At the end of the day I only had one conclusion; I will need to see this movie again.

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