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Your faith and trust in Next Step is something we treasure and work hard to attain. This page talks about advertising you’ll find on our website. Specifically where we do and do not place ads. is here to provide the following two kinds of pages:

  • Information pages explaining who we are, what we do and how to contact us
  • Helpful and fun articles on how to accomplish your home theater and home automation goals

Advertising on Information Pages – Never!

We never place ads on information pages. For example, our product manufacturer pages are there to highlight those manufacturers that we are confident will provide superior products. We provide a brief explanation of what the manufacturer does, links to articles we’ve written about the manufacturer’s products and links to the manufacturer’s web site. The manufacturer’s pages are not advertisements and we’re not paid to present them. They’re available to show what we recommend, sell and install.

We are not paid to highlight any of our partner companies and will never accept payment for any of the information on the Partner's Page.

Our Partner’s page lists those companies that we trust enough to recommend. For example, we might have a client that wants a pinball machine in their entertainment room. We don’t sell or install pinball machines, but we know just who to call to make our client happy. We are not paid to highlight any of our partner companies and will never accept payment for any of the information on the Partner's Page. With that said, it’s not unusual for a partner company to recommend us to a client that wants a home theater. We’re proud of our association with quality companies. Their trust in us as our trust in them is hard won and easily lost.

Advertising We Present

We do place advertising on article pages (and only article pages) and generally place those ads in the following areas:

  • One ad above the article
  • Two ads below the article
  • Ads in the right sidebar

There might be rare occasions where we will place an ad within the body of an article. For example, if we talk about a movie or an album, we might place an ad for that item within the article. Our reasoning is that in reading the article, you might actually want to buy the item. We try to make it very explicit that the insert is an advertisement. The availability of an ad for an item never informs our desire to write about the item. We write the articles because we think you might like to read them. We also don't hold back in our reviews. If we don't like something about a product we'll tell you regardless of whether the product is produced by an advertiser or whether we sell the product.

Advertising Links Within Articles – Never!

Links within an article are not paid affiliate links and are not paid advertisements. They are simply links to other areas on our website and links to third-party websites. We try to link to websites that will present you with great information. Examples of link decisions we make can be found where we write about a person involved with music, TV or the movies (for example, Jenny Agutter). In these instances, we try to link to that person’s personal website and fall back to their entry on IMDB (We love IMDB) or their Wikipedia entry if they don’t have a website.

Yamaha R-N803

We also do not accept advertising for pictures within articles. For example, if we’re writing about a receiver we try to place a picture of the receiver within the article. We try to structure the picture so that if you click on it, you’ll open a page on the manufacturer’s website that further discusses the receiver in question. These links are not paid ads. We provide them because we think you might want to know more.


We place a lot of videos on our website – We love videos! Almost all of the videos we present are embedded YouTube videos. You are highly likely to see one or more advertisements in any YouTube video you watch. Next Step is not paid for any of those advertisements.

Final Thoughts

Below our articles, sometimes in the right sidebar and sometimes as a fly-out when you reach the end of an article, you’ll be presented with links to other articles you might find interesting. All of these links are to articles on our website. We do not provide links to other websites in these areas. We do provide links to relevant web pages on third-party sites within our articles, but we try to make it plain as to where the link goes and we don’t accept advertising for these links.

We hope this helps you get more enjoyment out of our site. Thanks for reading!

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For any questions,

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