Plastic Enclosure Announced By Legrand

by | Nov 2, 2016

Legrand Plastic Enclosure ENP3050

On Monday, October 31, 2016, Legrand announced its new 30” Plastic Enclosure (ENP3050). The Plastic Enclosure is designed to integrate wireless devices into traditional structured wiring installations without interference or compromising system performance.

The new 30” Plastic Enclosure is made with wireless-friendly ABS plastic that is transparent to RF (radio frequency) signals and will not compromise system performance. The enclosure features extra venting along the door for heat dissipation. Also included are staggered mounting tabs that allow multiple enclosures to be mounted in adjacent stud bays. Mounting is accomplished using a universal mounting grid that’s intended to maximize compatibility with third party products without additional brackets.

Legrand Plastic Enclosure ENP3050 Angled

30” Plastic Enclosure Features

The Plastic Enclosure features an extruded cover which adds 1.2” of depth for cable headroom and third party device flexibility. The cover attaches to the enclosure with a metal hinge without the need for tools and can be locked using screws or the pad lock feature. A tapered design allows for efficient warehousing and transportation. The availability of bulk packs of enclosures and doors adds convenience and value for larger jobs.


30” Plastic Enclosure Pricing And Availability

The 30” Plastic Enclosure and its accessories are currently available in several configurations:


  • The enclosure with hinged door (ENP3050) has an MSRP of $95.00
  • The enclosure without the door (ENP3080) has an MSRP of $50.00
  • The hinged door only (ENP3060) has an MSRP of $45.00


  • A pack of five enclosures without doors (ENP3080-5) has an MSRP of $245.00
  • A pack of five hinged doors (ENP3060-5) has an MSRP of $215.00
  • A pack of five 2” rubber grommet packs (AC103) has an MSRP of $2.99

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