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by | Mar 31, 2014


My wife and I are both fans of NASCAR Sprint Cup racing and IndyCar racing. I'm also a fan of NHRA racing and Formula 1 racing; my wife, not so much.

Yesterday, Sunday, March 26, 2014, was the first race of the 2014 IndyCar season. The day before, in anticipation of being able to watch the race on TV, we decided to watch “Rush.” This is the first time either of us have seen the movie. I liked it, my wife said it was interesting.

We know that “Rush” is about two Formula 1 drivers and doesn't involve IndyCar racing at all. In fact, while watching “Rush,” I kept comparing it to one of my all-time favorite movies, “Grand Prix” – another movie about racing, but not about IndyCar racing. Quite frankly the dearth of movies about IndyCar racing is not a happy-making thing.

On Sunday we watched our recording of that morning's Sprint Cup race at Martinsville. We also recorded the St. Petersburg, Florida IndyCar race with the intention of watching it Sunday Evening. You would never expect me to make such a comment, but that night I said, “Sweetie, let's watch IndyCar later this week. We watched “Rush” last night and NASCAR today. I'm about raced-out.” She agreed and we settled in for a movie.

We're both addicted to buying movies. We have a very large movie collection that contains movies that either one or both of us haven't seen or that we haven't seen in a long time. My wife picked “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” I've never seen it, so I was game to try. She likes the movie, I thought it was interesting.


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