After seeing numerous ads for the Sound Link Color wireless speaker by Bose, I decided I needed one. There were no logical reasons for this other than they look cool and I like Bose products. I cannot emphasize how glad I am that I listened to that little voice and picked one up! I have thoroughly enjoyed the Sound Link Color and have even given several as gifts. Yep, they are that good!

Set Up

When I opened the package, I found only the speaker, a charging cord, a warranty card and a very brief pictograph-style instruction sheet. I remember the OCD side of my brain thinking: there has got to be something missing. Nope, there is no instruction manual included and, as it turns out, none needed. I told my OCD voice to be quiet and forged ahead. When I plugged the Sound Link in and pushed the power button, a Siri-like voice simply started talking to me! Neat! She told me that English was the selected language and to continue I should push the play button; or to switch languages I should push the plus button. I chose English. The voice next instructed me to push the Bluetooth button to sync with my device. I dutifully pushed the button and was told that the Sound Link was now discoverable. I grabbed my phone, navigated to the Bluetooth screen and there was the Sound Link. 10 seconds later my phone was connected. I selected a song from my playlist and music emanated from the Sound Link! This may have been the easiest set-up I have ever done. Bose 1 – OCD voice 0.

4 Out of 5 Speakers

SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

speaker; charging cord; warranty card; very brief pictograph-style instruction sheet.

$129.95 msrp

Instructions given by voice;very easy set-up; small size; light weight; good bass response; clear mid-range; sparkling highs.

Needs careful placement because surface will act as a speaker.

The Sound

Prior to hearing the Sound Link perform, that nagging voice in my head was a little concerned about sound quality from such a little speaker. I told that voice: this is Bose, it’ll be fine. I shouldn’t have worried, the sound reproduction is incredible! Measuring only 5.3”H X 5”W X 2.1”D, and weighing only 1.5lbs, Bose manages to pack a lot of magic in a very compact, lightweight package. The bass response from the Sound Link is remarkable. When on a solid surface the bass is balanced very well with the mid-range and high notes. Note, you should choose carefully when finding a home for the Sound Link. Initially, I chose poorly and tried locating the Sound Link on a thinner shelving unit. The powerful bass response basically turned the entire shelving unit into a large resonating speaker enclosure. Recognizing my mistake, I quickly relocated the Sound Link to a nearby windowsill. Once back on a solid surface, proper balance was restored.

In addition to the remarkable bass response, the Sound Link also delivered a crystal clear mid-range and sparkling highs. This is one of those examples of good things coming in small packages. I’m not sure how Bose gets such great balance out of such a small package and Bose isn’t telling. Regardless, it just simply works. The bass thumps, the midrange is warm and mellow and the high notes are crisp and clear. Now to be fair, when comparing the Sound Link with my Logitech Z623 2.1 system on my computer, the Bose didn’t have the same depth of sound as the components. Then again, it shouldn’t. The Bose did, however, hold its own with the midrange and highs. The important point to note is that I can take the Sound Link with me! Bose wins again.


It is obvious to me why Bose is so proud to include this speaker in their product offering. A portable, wireless speaker is an obvious companion for travelers that have come to expect only the best from Bose headphones. I look forward to having this little speaker accompany me on my future trips. Whether at home or traveling, the Bose Sound Link Color gives me a viable option for when I want to hear sweet music. I’ve got to admit, that little voice occasionally has some pretty good ideas.


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