Review – Boston Acoustics TVee 26 soundbar

by | Apr 19, 2014


One of the inherent issues with flat screen TV’s is poor sound quality. The speakers of most flat screens are pointed at the floor or back at the wall behind the TV. A soundbar can deliver superior sound quality over the built in speakers most TV’s offer. Boston Acoustics TVee 26 soundbar is a great example of this concept.

Boston Acoustics TVee 26 soundbar

$349.00 msrp;
$249.99 online

Easy installation and configuration; sound quality is superior to TV speakers; lower cost than a 5.1 home theater audio system.

Sound quality of soundbars in general can't come up to the quality of 5.1 home theater audio systems.

The TVee 26 comes packaged in a large box that contains the soundbar, subwoofer, remote and the power cables for the soundbar and the subwoofer. Boston Acoustics also includes an optical digital cable to connect the TV’s digital sound out to the soundbar. Everything is well packaged so that there is little possibility of damage from shipping.

Set-up was as easy as plugging the soundbar and subwoofer into the wall, connecting the optical cable, turning everything on and linking the wireless subwoofer to the soundbar. The result was instant sound quality improvement over the TV’s built in speakers.

The only hiccup was trying to program the Direct TV remote to operate the soundbar. Volume up worked just fine but the volume down command just turned the volume up more. I solved this annoyance by using a Logitech Harmony 650 remote control which operated the soundbar perfectly after it was programmed. The Harmony was part of the upgrade to the entertainment system so it was going to be used anyway.

Overall I am very impressed with the improvement the soundbar provided. The TV could be clearly heard while setting the volume lower than was required before the addition of the soundbar. In addition the low frequencies are much richer with the addition of the subwoofer. This upgrade was well worth the investment.


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