Smart Homes

Add a Chromecast Button to the Chrome Toolbar

Keyboards make it easy to go to specific sites and display specific content on your computer. Large screens make televisions shine in displaying content. Google Chromecast brings the two together. If you have a Google Chromecast, this short tutorial will show you how...

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Connect Alexa to a Bluetooth Speaker

[In this article, I’ll sometimes refer to “Echo” and sometimes refer to “Alexa” – the terms are interchangeable.] Let’s face it, Amazon Echo devices are pretty great. One detail, though. For some Echo devices, particularly the Echo Dot, the sound quality isn’t as good...

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How to install Nest Cam Cameras

I did it. I gave in to the ever present paranoia and installed a couple of Nest Cam security cameras in my home. While Next Step has experience installing Nest Thermostats, I hadn’t played with the Nest Cam, so I must admit I was a little apprehensive taking a run at...

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