Snacky Bits Cheese, Salami, and a Baguette

by | Oct 2, 2014

Cheese, Crackers, and a Baguette

Sometimes you just want simple. This week's Snacky Bits is very simple and involves no cooking. In addition to providing food with very little work, this dish can be a part of a nice romantic evening. Get out of your work clothes, and into something more comfortable; put the lights down low; put on a romantic movie (come on guys, man-up – there are rewards) or just play some music at low volume so the two of you can talk. I highly recommend the Jazz and Lounge playlist.


  • One or more sliced meats, such as: Salami, Ham and Prosciutto
  • A selection of two or three cheeses – We like Gouda, Havarti and a good aged Cheddar
  • A baguette and / or good quality crackers – We do not use Saltines or other common crackers for this dish


  • Slice the baguette into medium-thin slices
  • If the meat isn't sliced, or it's too large, cut it up into slices that will fit on the baguette slices or crackers
  • Artfully spread the meat(s) and cheeses on a cutting board
  • Place the bread and / or crackers in a bread basket lined with a cloth napkin


You can add a nice spread or two for added flavor. For example, a garlic cheese spread or an artichoke dip. Perhaps I can interest you in a spinach dip?


If you like red wines, a Zinfandel is always nice with Salami. For those that prefer white wines, a slightly chilled Sauvignon blanc is very nice with cheese.


Provide a salad plate for each diner. Add a couple of cheese knives between the cheeses and small knives for spreading the dip. Put the cutting board and bread basket between the two of you. This is finger food and everyone decides how to spread, or build their bites on their own.

I told you it was going to be simple. Not only that, but clean-up is a breeze.

Images by Janie Jacobs


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Janie Jacobs likes to cook & try new recipes. She is learning about vegetable gardening because she prefers cooking with fresh veggies. She likes to know what goes into her food, so she tries not to use packaged foods. Janie enjoys all kinds of music and movies.
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