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by | Aug 14, 2014

Popcorn Crank

I was visiting my niece one weekend and there was a bunch of us sitting around, talking. At about an hour into the conversation, she all of a sudden jumped up and said that she was going to make some popcorn. In what seemed like a mere matter of moments, she came back with a bowl of hot popcorn for everyone. After having some of the wonderful popcorn, I asked her what it was. She looked at me quizzically and said, "Um, popcorn." I then explained that I was wondering what brand of microwave popcorn and how did it pop so fast? She proceeded to explain that it wasn't microwave popcorn, that it was popcorn made with her Whirley Pop.


How Can Home-made Popcorn Take So Little Time?

After we inhaled the first batch my niece got up to make the next. I had to follow her to the stove to see this Whirley Pop thing. It is a plain pot with a funny lid, and a little handle you turn. She put the oil & popcorn into the pot, put the lid on, turned the heat on, and started turning the little handle. In a few minutes we had another hot batch of popcorn. It was fun and amazing!

In a few minutes we had another hot batch of popcorn. It was fun and amazing!

That was in October. Fast forward to Christmas day of that year. We were opening gifts, and it was my turn. My daughter excitedly hands me my gift. I rip the paper off and see that it's a Whirley Pop! I hadn't been this excited about a gift in a very long time. She got me a gift set, so not only did I get the popper, I also got popcorn, butter spray, and seasonings! I was very excited to start making my own popcorn and trying out the new seasonings I had received.


How Does The Whirley Pop Work?

Going through the contents of the popper, I got to see the little gears that the handle turns to make the internal components stir the popcorn while it cooks. I read through the instructions – it's pretty simple. Put in your oil and popcorn, put it on the stove and cook and stir until you can't stir it anymore or it stops popping, and let me tell you they aren't kidding. The mechanism literally can't move when the popcorn is done popping, because the pot is so full. There was an initial step that needed to be taken to season the popper, but it took about 2 minutes total, and it was ready to go!

Another benefit to the Whirley Pop is the fact that you can control all the ingredients. The instructions say to use 1-3 Tbsp of oil. I started with 3, but I've cut back to about 1 Tbsp, and it still comes out fabulous. The directions say that you can actually get down to 1 teaspoon of oil for popping. I use plain old canola oil and 1/2 cup of popcorn that I got at the supermarket and it produces great popcorn every time. The only drawback for me is that I have an electric stove, so it takes a little longer to heat up. The directions suggest starting the burner to let it get up to heat before you start popping. I usually forget to do that, so it just takes a couple extra minutes for warming up. My favorite toppings are the spray "butter", which has no fat or calories, and a little salt. It tastes fresh and delicious!

I know I sound a little like a popcorn fanatic, I'm really not. I just like knowing what ingredients go into my food, which makes me feel better about what I eat. You can buy the popper online, or in several retail stores. The website also has popping oil & different types of popcorn.

I highly recommend that you try this wonderful gadget. It literally makes popcorn popping fun, fast and easy. The next time you sit down for a wonderful old movie or to watch the latest release, treat yourselves to some wonderful popcorn and truly be part of a home theater audience!


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