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Next Step Audio Enhancement is dedicated to providing you with the home theater and smart home information you need. On our website you'll find many articles talking about how to do things and how to fix things. In addition, we provide reviews and product release announcements. Similarly, we produce videos. Particularly how-to videos. Check back often for new video releases.

Connect Alexa to a Bluetooth Speaker

Brian shows you how to connect Alexa devices to Bluetooth speakers.

Limpie La Pantalla De Su Televisor

Brian nos muestra la manera apropiada de limpiar los televisores LCD, LED, OLED, y QLED.

Better Amazon Echo Sound

Brian explains the music services for the Amazon Echo and how to connect the Echo Dot to external speakers.

Banana Plugs

Brian explains how to connect banana plugs and why you should use them.

Speaker Wire Gauge

Brian explains speaker wire gauges and selecting the right size for your system.

Remote Controls

Brian shows how easy it can be to program and use a universal remote.

How To Install Nest Cam Cameras

Brian shows you how to install a Nest Cam Camera.

Clean Your TV Screen

Brian shows you the proper way to clean your LCD, LED, OLED, and QLED TV screens.

Keeping A Smart TV From Dropping Netflix

Brian shows how to set a Samsung Smart TV so that it reliably connects to Netflix.

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For any questions,

please write us at

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