World’s First Video Game to be Synched with Philips Hue Lighting

by | Jul 27, 2015


On Wednesday, July 15, 2015, Philips and Frima Studio, Canada's largest independent game developer, announced the integration of Philips Hue connected lighting with the hit game Chariot. Launched last year Chariot now integrates with Philips Hue lighting to bring about an immersive gameplay experience.


Frima Chariot

With over one million downloads worldwide, Chariot is a popular couch co-op platformer. It is now able to control all the Philips Hue lights in the room to reflect in real time what is happening in the game. Different lights are connected together to create a unique ambiance with hundreds of colors. When enemies attack, Hue lights blink red. When colorful plants bloom, their colors are reflected in the room. From subtle shifts to sudden bursts, everything onscreen is reflected in a Hue-enabled space.

Philips Hue

The game is fully localized in English, French and Japanese (voiceover and user interface/menus).

The game is also localized (subtitles over English voiceover and localized user interface/menus) in Italian, German, Spanish, and Russian.


Chariots with the new Philips Hue integration is available now.

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