Kodi Playlist Download Guardians of the Galaxy Mix

by | Sep 1, 2014

Kodi Playlist Download

This week's Kodi Playlist Download is all about fun. It's a mix of the 70's tracks that were used in the recent movie, “Guardian's of the Galaxy.” Read Brian's review to get our take on the movie. If you haven't seen it, do so. It's this summer's fun movie – a rockin' and a rollin' good time. One of the things the plot turns on is the movie's soundtrack. It's actually a prop that is essential to the film. It's also well chosen and a fun listen. With that in mind we knew we needed to build our own playlist of the soundtrack's songs. Before we get to that, I need to mention some things about one thing missing from Kodi playlists.

One feature that would be a very nice addition to Kodi playlists is the ability to use boolean logic (and, or, not). With that, you could set a rule that said: Title is “Hooked on a Feeling” AND artist is Blue Swede. This would avoid the version done by The Kentucky Headhunters (it's a good version, just not the one that's used on the soundtrack. You could also set a rule that said: Title is “I Want You Back” AND Artist is not Nsync. This would avoid different songs with the same name. Putting those two rules in the playlist along with the setting to “Match One or More Rules” would build the correct playlist. As it stands in the current version of Kodi, you can't do that. If you try something like adding rules for all the soundtrack titles and one rule for “Artist is not The Kentucky Head Hunters”, along with the “Match One Or More Rules” setting, you'll get every song in your library that is not by The Kentucky Headhunters. Not quite the list you were really after.

To build a Guardians of the Galaxy playlist you have two choices. First, buy the complete album and probably duplicate some songs you own. This is a clean way to listen to the soundtrack, but very wasteful of your money and disk space. The second way is to just put up with the non-soundtrack songs either skipping them when they start playing or just listening and not fretting over the issue. We started out doing it the second way and found something interesting. We knew we had the track, “Ain't No Mountain High Enough.” We also knew we didn't have the Tammi Terrell version, but thought we'd be fine with the Diana Ross version. As it turns out, we didn't even have the Diana Ross version. What started playing on our system was a version by Michael McDonald. That surprised us on three fronts – We were surprised we didn't have the Diana Ross version (we have almost all of her hits), we were very surprised we did have a version by Michael McDonald (it probably came on a greatest hits or compilation album) and completely surprised that Michael McDonald even did a version. Who Knew? After listening a few times, we got tired of listening to the wrong songs and just sprung for the soundtrack album. All is good now.

After downloading the .ZIP file, you need to do two things:

  1. Unzip the playlist into your Kodi music playlist folder — You can find specific information on playlist folders in this article: Playlist Folders in XBMC
  2. Start Kodi (if it isn't already running) and navigate to the Playlist section of your music library, select this new playlist and enjoy

Today's playlist is 1,309 bytes in size and contains all of the titles contained in the original "Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol. 1" CD in ascending track order.

That's all there is to it. Follow the instructions listed above and quick as you can say, “I am Groot,” you'll have a new music playlist.

Note: If you just copy the .ZIP file into your playlist folder, Kodi will handle it just fine. It sees the zip file and adds it to your list of playlists. Clicking on the .ZIP file will open it up and present you with the contents. In the case of today's file: “Guardians of the Galaxy Mix.” Click on that and it works like any other playlist.

Today's playlist is
“Guardians of the Galaxy Mix.”

Today's playlist is 1,309 bytes in size and contains all of the titles contained in the original "Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol. 1" CD in ascending track order.


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