Yamaha R-N303 Network Hi-Fi Stereo Receiver Introduced

by | Sep 1, 2017

Yamaha R-N303 and Remote Front

On Tuesday, August 22, 2017, Yamaha introduced the new Yamaha R-N303 Network Hi-Fi stereo receiver. Based on a legacy Yamaha design, the stereo receiver features a Burr-Brown 192kHz/24-bit DAC (digital-to-analog converter) and an amplifier that provides a maximum output of 140 watts per channel into 8 ohms. The new receiver can reproduce sound input from a variety of sources including AM / FM radio, CD players, voice-activated devices, turntables, Blu-ray Disc™ players, televisions, network computers, on-line music streaming services, and mobile devices.

The Yamaha R-N303 receiver also includes Yamaha’s MusicCast wireless whole-home technology. MusicCast enables the R-N303 to distribute music throughout the house to other MusicCast-enabled products including Yamaha AV receivers, sound bars, and speakers. As with other Yamaha MusicCast products the technology is controlled wirelessly from an app on a mobile device.

Yamaha R-N303 Rear

Yamaha R-N303 Connectivity

The R-N303 offers a variety of connectivity options including standard RCA inputs for CD players, voice-activated devices such as the Amazon Echo, and other line in products. Also included is a dedicated phono input for turntables, optical and coaxial inputs for Blu-ray Disc™ players and televisions, and a wired Ethernet network port. The receiver comes complete with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, Apple® AirPlay®, and DLNA® built in.

The included Wi-Fi connectivity and the Ethernet port allow the receiver to connect to your network. Bluetooth allows for connecting the R-N303 wirelessly to your mobile device. AirPlay gives the R-N303 the ability to connect to Apple mobile devices and iTunes® music libraries stored on network-attached computers. DLNA allows for accessing music stored on networked computers, network attached storage devices, and DLNA enabled mobile devices.

Yamaha R-N303 Streaming Services

Streaming Music to the R-N303

Music streaming services that are built into the R-N303 include Spotify, Pandora®, Deezer, Napster, SiriusXM Internet Radio, TIDAL, and internet radio (note that some services require a separate subscription). A variety of high-resolution music formats are supported by the receiver. Included formats are MP3, WMA, MPEG4 AAC, WAV, 192kHz/24-bit FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, and 2.8/5.6MHz DSD.

Yamaha R-N303 Features

  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth (SBC / AAC)
  • 1 Phono input
  • 1 CD input
  • 2 Line In audio inputs
  • 1 Optical audio input
  • 1 Coaxial audio input
  • 1 Line Out audio output
  • 1 Headphone Output
  • Built-in DLNA version 1.5 support
  • Built-in Airplay support
  • Supported File Formats: MP3, WMA, MPEG4 AAC, WAV, 192kHz/24-bit FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, and 2.8/5.6MHz DSD
  • 2 Channels
  • 100 Watts per channel (8 ohms, 40 Hz-20 kHz, 0.2% THD) Minimum RMS output power
  • 115 watts per channel (4 ohms, 1 kHz, 0.7% THD for Europe) Maximum output power
  • 140 watts per channel (8 ohms, 1 kHz, 10% THD) Maximum output power
  • 0 ± 0.5 dB / 0 ± 3.0 dB Frequency Response
  • 100 dB (Input shorted, 500 mV) Signal-to-Noise Ratio (CD)
  • 3 µV (20.8 dBf) FM 50 dB Quieting Sensitivity (IHF, 1 kHz, 100% Mod., Mono)
  • 65 dB / 64 dB FM Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Mono / Stereo)

Pricing and Availability

The Yamaha R-N303 network Hi-Fi stereo receiver has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $349.95 and is available immediately from Next Step Audio Enhancement, select retailers, and Yamaha.

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